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15 May 2020
Effective Facebook marketing practices for 2020

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world, being visited every day by millions of people from all over the world. However, just publishing attractive content hoping it will give your organic growth is too naive. Long gone are the days when an article could harvest likes and amass comment by virtue of just being interesting in and of itself. Nowadays, you need promotion, yet the techniques change year after year. In this article, you will find out about up-to-date Facebook marketing practices that are sure to bring results in 2020!

Live & Stories
Engagement is the main effect of any successful strategy. Lives and stories were introduced just a few years ago, but they have already proven to be extremely popular, and not only on Facebook but in other social media, too. These are a powerful tool for real interaction with your followers. It’s difficult to find a case when the Q&A (questions and answers) format would not be effective. Irrespective of what product or service you are promoting, a live expert consultation is valued much more that even an elaborate article or a video. Users do appreciate it when you address them directly and they are ready to pay for it with their loyalty!

Video content
If you think that Facebook is just a text site, you are missing out. Millions of users watch videos within this social network without leaving it to go to other hosting services.
So, organize an excursion around your facilities, record an interview with your staff, run a contest, start answering your followers’ questions, say, every Saturday… The options are many. What’s more, you won’t even need a good camera or any studio equipment. Users value openness and authenticity, so a smartphone is the only tool you need.

Magnet words
There are lost of guides for using magnet, or magnetic, words, but the trend for 2020 is being emotional. Less and less users take time to read lengthy descriptions or even look around and compare to find a cheaper or better alternative. People just want to buy a product or service they need, and fast. Not surprisingly, magnet words for 2020 are “now”, “immediately”, and “instant”. Add those to your CTAs and watch the effectiveness go up!

Relevant content
Now that everyone is quarantined, you just need to write about it, or at least mention it, so that your users understand that you are all in the same boat. This does not mean that you should change your usual topics, but always staying strictly inside the boundaries of your niche is not the most effective strategy anymore. Linking your product with the events that worry each and every user – now that’s the real marketing mastery!

You won’t get anywhere without the “it” factor!
All the experts online create a mixed feeling with the audience. If you are not a Nobel Prize winner and a at least countrywide-acclaimed professional, possibly, you should not go around preaching and showing you are better that everybody else (even if that’s actually true?).
You should position yourself as a friend, a helper.
The same goes for your product or service. Okay, you have the best Spanish courses, or just the most fabulous detox program. So what? If you tell that to your audience, it won’t be anything new – because they have already heard something very similar from your competitors.
Which means you need something special: for your Facebook group, your product, and yourself as their representative!

Give before you take!
Give for free, as much as you can! If you are selling a book, let everyone read the first chapter. If you offer a workout program, use Facebook to publish the first three days from it for everyone to see.
Not only does free content give you an opportunity to test out your products, but it also engages the audience. And an engaged customer is the best kind of customer since they will keep buying as long you keep them engaged!