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26 May 2020
Facebook advertising: why is it the best tool for marketers?

Among all advertising tools available to modern marketers, it is Facebook that gets reviewed the most. On the other hand, many of them still use teaser networks, website banners and search engine marketing. In this article, we are going to talk about why Facebook should be the main tool of any marketer no matter how niche and specialized the product they are promoting might be.
One and a half billion users is an astounding number, but it doesn’t really tell you anything. Why should you care that Facebook is used even in the Arctic and the Antarctic if you are promoting a 24/7 flower delivery service in New Jersey? However, if you look closer, it becomes clear that almost 100% of your target audience uses this social networking site.
But let’s inspect further. Do you personally know a lot of people who don’t use Facebook at all? Yes, it is quite possible that there are people like that. But the paradox is that such people are not interested in buying your product anyway. Therefore, you have one and a half billion users who are also active, and the proof of that is their very presence on Facebook. So, it is safe to say that any service will be able to find its target audience on Facebook.
The second advantage is the ease of advertising configuration and placement. No need to develop a marketing plan, hire experts to create fancy diagrams and presentations. But most importantly, placing ads will not even require significant investments. You can start with just a thousand bucks, or five hundred, or even less.
Various built-in features, e.g. pixel training, lookalike audiences, retargeting and remarketing, which, in many cases, only require choosing the corresponding option in the Ads Manager to use.
Powerful tools to show your ads to your target audience help spend your advertising budget sparingly. Using the lookalike technology, you can upload a database of existing users who have already performed your target action and tell Facebook to match for a highly specific “super target audience” to display your ads to. Remarketing and retargeting to enhance your advertising and achieve better results – without the need for you to get directly involved.
The range of advertising tools is particularly impressive. And did we mention that you can use Facebook quite effectively and not spend a single penny? If that’s what you’re after, try working on your personal profile or promoting your group or business page. And if you add paid promotions to match, it will not take long to see the results.
Getting results fast is a very important advantage. You can always assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaign since it only takes a few hours to get first results after launch. Try achieving the same with a traditional banner or a TV ad. Not to mention that in some cases traditional methods of advertising do not offer any tracking means at all.
You should remember that Facebook advertising requires a well-balanced and disciplined approach: thousands of advertisers lose all of their budgets before hitting profits. That’s why it is important to not only work in your Ads Manager, applying different built-in features and strategies, but also do your best to see your landing page the way your potential buyer sees it.
With all that in mind, the result is sure to come – and it is very likely to be the result you expect!