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27 May 2020
Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting is a powerful tool used by marketers to promote various products and services on the Facebook social networking service.
It’s important to understand that retargeting is not Mark Zuckerberg’s invention: it’s also effectively used in other media.
Let’s define it first. Retargeting is a way of advertising to users that have already performed some kind of a specific action. For instance, a user likes an advertiser’s photo. Such user can obviously be considered interested. Further marketing efforts can be aimed at advertising to all users who have indicated their interest by liking, commenting, or performing any other target actions.
In the end, this helps achieve quicker and more effective results at a lower initial cost.
With Facebook, you can create a large number of various schemes, but the following is among the most effective ones:
A user comes to your site and performs some kind of action, not necessarily a purchase or subscription. The visit itself can be important enough.
The user comes back to Facebook, where he or she sees the ad targeted specifically at them.
The first conversion is a purchase of a product or service, a subscription or any other type of desired interaction.
It is now time to use your advertising – in other words, to further process the user who has once expressed their interest or yielded some other result.
The second conversion.
The cycle can be repeated for a long time, even for years and decades. An example of an especially successful implementation of this scheme is Apple Inc., which started with computers and then continued by offering tablets, phones, smart watches, accessories, and so on.
On Facebook, creating an audience based on preexisting data is very simple:
Go to your Ads Manager.
Go to the Audiences tab.
Choose Create New, and then choose Custome Audience.
It is now important to choose the Customer File option.
Then, you need to upload the file containing customer data. After that, the specific audience is configured.
When importing data, you can choose identifiers for the file: Phone Number, Email, Name, etc. These are not difficult to obtain when processing your clients’ orders.
However, in many cases, advertisers don’t have any way to interact with their potential audience, because those people have not made any purchases yet. To resolve this, there is a special tool called Website Traffic. With it, you can advertise to the visitors who have already been to your website.
When done correctly, remarketing is one of the most powerful tools enabling you to achieve engagement, create a WOW effect, and cause many other positive emotions. The goal of any advertiser is to systematically process their prospective customer so that he or she eventually gives in and makes a purchase.
But it does not end there. After all, the purchase of a product or service can really be just the beginning. This is especially true for services intended to be used regularly. For example, if a woman goes to a beauty salon, meaning, she has already made a purchase, it’s reasonable to assume that within a month she will need to have her nails done again. Therefore, you would want to start retargeting after a couple of weeks to advertise the establishment she is already familiar with.
Notice that we are not talking about detailed analysis of user preferences, or identifying what groups our prospective buyer is a member of, what he or she buys, likes, etc. Advertisers provide all the necessary information themselves, and Facebook, based on that information, helps bring these users back turning them into your new or regular customers!