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4 June 2020
Free Facebook promotion tools

Buying ads on Facebook is, without doubt, a simple and effective way to promote goods and services. However, not every advertiser is ready to risk their budget, especially if that’s their own money. The reason is that among marketers there are private individuals, too, who have no experience and are not ready to risk even a hundred dollars.
Well, good news for all of them, because Facebook is a marvelous place ready to direct traffic to you in exchange not only for your money but for your time, too. In this article, we are going to share some of the top tools for free promotion.

A group is a modern-day analog of late hobbies & interests forums. We, humans, are naturally sociable, especially if we have something we want to discuss. Creating a Facebook group takes no more than a few minutes. However, it is not the technical side that is important but the mental one. Every marketer dreams of users who will generate content for them. If your discussion threads are empty, you will need to fill them using artificial means. And this is where your friends and partners can lend a hand. Content ideas can be taken from your competitors, but only use the ideas, not the content itself!
A public business page is any page of a business or a brand. This is a good option for those who prefer to generate content themselves, instead of relying for their subscribers and fans to do the job. Let’s consider, for example, a person selling honey and promoting their business on Facebook. Creating a group is not the best choice: it would be highly unlikely to see lively discussions on beekeeping from your buyers. On the other hand, a business page can easily spread visual content, which will lead to people talking in the comments.
Stories are a tool very similar to a corresponding functionality on Instagram. Which is to be expected since Facebook owns instagram, so it is not at all strange that these social media practically monopolized the Stories that users came to love so much. This tool is well-suited for promoting products or services which take time to develop or create. This includes production of honey, growing fruit and vegetables, and, well, any other business, too. The main thing is to have something to say and show to people.
Facebook video is a tool obviously underrated by modern marketers. When we talk about video marketing, we always think of YouTube. Try to get organic views on YouTube right from the start, and you are sure to face an utter and complete failure. Facebook is different. Here, videos uploaded by users are promoted artificially, especially if it’s unique content. It is difficult to compete with YouTube at the time, but you definitely should consider this tool, especially if you are already making videos for YouTube.
Your personal profile is the easiest way. Some call it a full-fledged professional tool, while others claim that this approach is for amateurs only. But the fact remains: we all need advice and reviews from real people who we know, not from trained representatives and salespeople. So, your personal profile can be used both as your primary and secondary marketing tool. It should be noted, though, that if you choose the former option, you will need to restrain from posting some personal information which can potentially harm your business.
All the ways mentioned work perfectly and do not require any financial investments whatsoever. What you will need to invest, however, is time for your group or page’s development, maintenance and promotion, and for many entrepreneurs this is the most precious asset of all. Therefore, the most reasonable approach is to use both free and paid tools simultaneously!