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9 June 2020
Your personal profile is a powerful tool for marketing on Facebook

When we talk about using the Facebook social media platform for advertising, marketers always think of groups, business pages, and advertising posts. Run-of-the-mill paid ads are also a popular choice. However, there is another very powerful tool that is often overlooked but, if used correctly, can have the edge over other methods. We are talking about your very own personal profile.
One would think that you should separate work and personal life. This is not true. Let us prove that to you!

Imagine you got interested in a healthy lifestyle and would like to use the services of a coach specializing in helping people lose weight. Who would you prefer — a company or a person? An analogy with choosing a school for your kid comes to mind. You choose the teacher first. Which means it’s the person who is important.
In marketing, we often don’t see the ones behind a particular brand. Chips, soft drinks, chocolate, household appliances — all of these have no face of their own, representing multi-billion brands.
But what if you put a real person behind one? For Russia, you could immediately think of Oleg Tinkov. A great approach, don’t you find? Oleg Tinkov is a the key figure of a powerful brand. It’s precisely because of him that Tinkoff managed to become the biggest online bank in the world without any branches.
You can use a similar approach to promote any products, goods or services on Facebook.
A personal profile should be managed by a real person. You will have to refrain from publishing personal information not related to the product being promoted. Still, if you do this for engagement, exceptions are always possible. However, writing about visiting your grandma in the country is obviously far-fetched if you are promoting a computer shop.
In fact, when used for advertising, a personal profile on Facebook is nothing more than a business page. The only difference is the functionality.
There aren’t (and couldn’t be) any strict rules about regularity of your posts or type of content since it’s a personal page, not a business one.
It’s also important to consider some other changes that will affect your account after such a retargeting. Quite possibly, not all of your real friends, family members and people you know, will be happy to see their feed filled with regularly updated content related to a product or service that they are not really interested in. This is especially the case with network marketing, psychological coaching, and some other fields.
In some instances, entrepreneurs who have changed the focus of their accounts, create new personal accounts for their own needs. This could lead to being banned since Facebook’s policy has long stayed the same: no fake accounts on the platform!
So, is it worth it to use your personal Facebook account as a marketing tool to advertise a product or service? Possibly not. The end does not always justify the means. Not every promoter is ready to sacrifice their personal life, at least it’s virtual part, for the sake of business. Far from it. Many people would agree that you should separate those two. However, you must admit that if you want to purchase a course for weight loss, for example, you would prefer to get it not from a big company but from a real person who has managed to achieve real results.
In any case, even if you decide that a personal profile should not be used as a marketing tool, you cannot just abandon it altogether. A lot of scrupulous buyers always study as much as they can about the creators and representatives of their business of interest. Yes, you could just disregard this portion of buyers as insignificant. But you would be doing yourself a huge disservice because it’s these buyers who drive the notorious word of mouth!