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19 June 2020
Increasing Facebook ads conversion

So, you are buying ads, but the results do not live up to your expectations – and your expenses. This happens quite often, and it’s not just an amateur marketer’s pitfall. The reasons are many, but all of them can be solved using common and commonly accessible knowledge. In this article, we are going to share useful advice which will help you increase your Facebooks ads conversion. Simply put, you will be able to get more clicks, subscriptions and sales than before, on the same budget.

Choosing your target audience is important. Thanks to Facebook, you can narrow your prospective client number down to literally single figures. Then why do many advertisers target a broad audience? Let’s assume you promote flower delivery in your city. Theoretically, every citizen is your prospective client. And yet, do you know a lot of elderly people giving each other flowers they ordered via the Internet? What about schoolchildren? Obviously, not all young people are your prospective customers, too. So, it’s better to look for them in groups dedicated to Valentine’s Day, searching for life partner, and so on. Facebook does all the work for you – you only need to spend a bit more time configuring your campaign.
Your call to action should be appropriate! Example: a company offers freight shipping. It is one of the leaders in the niche and really wants to convey this fact to its target audience. The description is as follows: “We are the leading company in the field with more than 10 years of experience!” And here is their call to action: “Write us an e-mail!” Several problems so far, the biggest one being that your prospective customer is not interested in what a successful your are. Their goal is to find out how they can benefit personally. Therefore, it is more reasonable to tell them that all the freight is insured and the delivery is done within three days after the order. The call to action should be changed to a phone call. Choosing your call to action is an important and difficult question which should be addressed on a case-by-case basis depending on the business’s characteristics.
Targeting a cold audience is a big problem. You can solve this by using targeting correctly. A simple example: let’s say the user got interested in your product but then left the website. Such a customer is a “warm” because they have already received your pre-sale information. This is the customer you should focus your advertising campaign on. However, many advertisers keep ignoring these powerful and free tools that Facebook offers them, settling for the standard paid advertising shown according to the parameters they provide.
Irrelevant ads are a common problem among many, many advertisers. After spending hours upon hours configuring how the ad is displayed, they don’t have as little as ten minutes to spare to write the ad’s text. Well, if you cannot do it yourself, hire a copywriter. The heading and the description are just a few words. However, it’s precisely these words that your whole advertising campaign’s effectiveness depends on.
Your landing page is the “arrival point” for your target audience. Have you ensured that your hosting works without downtime so that users could have a comfortable experience both on their computer and their phone? Using modern website builders, you can create beautiful and functional landing pages. Don’t ignore those even if they worth money!