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23 June 2020
Users – the main source of Facebook advertising campaign idea

So, you are going to launch your very own Facebook advertising campaign. Everything is ready: the budget is approved, the key queries are collected, the target audience’s profile is clear. There’s only one “tiny” detail left – to create the ads themselves.
There is no shortage of advice on developing effective CTAs and using the platform’s built-in tools, and yet, it is very often overlooked that the way to both impactful target content and effective advertising campaigns lies precisely through the hearts of your users. In this article, we are going to share approaches which are sure to help you use your users’ opinions the right way.

If your target audience doesn’t like your products, that’s bad. But it’s good if your users express their opinions as comments since it’s your road to redemption. However, the most important thing is that you can develop entire advertising campaigns based on these opinions alone. Let’s assume that your task is to promote a weight-loss product. The product is targeted at women. In this case, you should study the negative feedback about similar products already present on the market. Quite possibly, these will help you develop a CTA and create a content plan aimed at addressing a specific pain point that your clients have.
Users often leave comments under publications, engage in discussions, share their opinions on fan pages and in groups. Read any comment longer than 200 symbols, and you will likely find something that can be used to create a new post or develop a new advert.
Promising sources of information valuable for any advertiser can be discovered on discussion forums outside Facebook, too. There exist special search engines that allow you to search blogs, discussion forums, and so on using key queries the same way we do it on Google or Yandex. This approach lets you find customers’ pains indicated outside Facebook but still relevant to the platform’s audience.
If we continue with weight loss, it is obvious that you can find a lot of valuable insights on women’s websites and forums. In groups where you have to use your own profile to post comments, it is much more difficult to be really honest about your problems. That’s why and similar resources are truly goldmines of valuable information and ideas.
To create effective adverts in particular and entire advertising campaigns in general, you can also use the latest news. We often associate goods with our current economic or social situation. It especially shows during various financial and economic crises and other periods of significant change in our lives.
It’s important to understand that when we talk about “users”, we should include not only current or prospective buyers of your products or services but also those who are not and will not be related to it in any way. Statistically speaking, only 1 in 100 people are involved in content generation, and it’s precisely that small proportion of active users that you should pay close attention to since their posts, photos and videos constitute a really valuable source of feedback.
Then again, if the ideas already published online are of no help to you, you can always ask a question yourself, on your blog, public page, or private profile. Asking your target audience for advice is a sure way to customer satisfaction!