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10 September 2020
What affects the price of Facebook accounts

Before diving into the topic, let’s go over the basics.

If you don’t need to google what BM, farming and cloaking are, scroll down to the block “What affects the price”.

Why buy accounts?

Facebook accounts are not only about personal photos, messages, comments and likes. It’s also a tool for promoting business, a person and a shout for some persons very-important-gosh-nobody-cares opinion. Or someone else’s opinion: depends who is using the account.

Profiles in social networks are widely used by promoters to meet the needs of their customers: to sell products, advertise, punish a competitor or make some noise.

At the same time, Facebook keeps an eye on the users. For example, there are products that can’t be sold, words that can’t be used and it’s not in the interests of Facebook, so that somebody gets promoted artificially. 

To deal with all this you need Facebook accounts. Many Facebook accounts.

Where can you get accounts?

The main ways to get accounts:

Create them

Accs can be registered manually or by using special software that creates hundreds of accounts at a time.

Manually. This requires a stock of e-mail addresses and phone numbers with which you can register on Facebook. According to the time required to create an account, fill it and make it active, such profiles are jewelry work. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that it will pay off due to how much effort it will take to create a “live” account.

With the help of special software. In this case, the output is an army of empty or poorly filled accounts. Accounts created by programs are called autoregs, and if a profile is created recently — doesn’t matter, manually or by means of a program — it is called a freshreg. 

Empty autoregs with zero activities usually don’t last long: they are either banned by users or by Facebook itself. Depends on the activity that started from the account. 

For long-last accounts, it is important to create internal activity that imitates the behavior of a real user. This means that the profile must be filled with personal information, you need to publish photos, posts and communicate with other users. This is called “warming up” the account. The person who is “warming up” the acc is a farmer. 

In a separate article we will tell you how to warm up an account properly.

By the way it may take weeks or even months to warm up an acc. Accordingly, the warmer is the account, the higher is its price. More details about that you’ll find below.

Rent an account

A friend, colleague or nephew — whoever. But how many friends-colleagues-nephews have you got? Meaning the ones who will let you use their accounts for your purposes. 

Besides, how many of them will be ready to give you their personal page for advertising dating services, dietary supplements or publishing bad reviews?

Surely it is possible to make an agreement with an unknown person, but: 1. this person needs to be found 2. there’s no guarantee that he won’t fool you. And again: where will you find so many people?

Get access to a live account

Hacked accounts are called brutes. Hacking can happen by password sniffing. The user can also inadvertently transfer his data, for example, by clicking some link or using a program for boosting likes-subscribers.

The quality of brutes is affected by the period of keeping — the period during which the owner did not use the account. The probability of ban is higher if the account has been accessed recently. In this case, the account may be blocked for suspicious activity. If the account was hacked long ago, it may last longer. 

Brutes are an ambiguous thing: on the one hand, it’s a real person’s account, which means that there’s already some filling and story of activities.  

On the other hand, brutes require additional pharming and can be blocked very quickly.

There’s another way to get access to a user’s account. Thus, by using cookies you can get access to the profile without entering login and password. 

In addition to some vulnerability in the case when a user finds out that his account is not used only by him personally, another problem with such accounts is unscrupulous sellers. So, one account can be resold several times or, in principle, several affiliates use it simultaneously. Any of these factors can lead to quick ban.

To reduce the risk in case the seller is planning to cheat on you, it is better to work through a guarantor. But the guarantor only checks the details of the deal and the process of its execution. He is not responsible for the things that happen after.

And this despite the fact that brutes and logs may be more expensive: again, because they originally belonged to a real user, which means they are ready to go.

Buy old facebook accs

You contact some company or service that specializes in selling accounts. Depending on your goals, objectives and budget, you are offered ready-made Facebook profiles. These can be empty autoregs, warmed profiles, brutes or logs — whatever you like as long as you are ready to pay. 

Buying accounts is convenient: save time, nerves and get profiles at low (or high) cost. The costs and high price easily pay off if there are some goodies from the seller.

And at this point we move on to the block: 

What affects the price?

Typical pricing criteria:

Account age. A freshly made account that will immediately rush to send spam or try to place an ad will attract Facebook attention. As a result, you’ll need to confirm your identity or the account will be banned.

If you need an account for primitive tasks, you can do with half-empty autoregs. The price usually starts from 0,1 $.

If you plan to run large companies from your account, you will need an old warmed up acc. But it will also have a corresponding price starting from 99 $.

It’s better to buy accounts at least older than 1 year. From dont.farm you can get  accounts older than two years.

The term of keeping. Even if the account is “aged”, its quality can be lower due to the period of keeping. If a real user is spending the winter on Bali without internet, then returns after 4 months and decides to log in his Facebook account — that’s ok, it won’t be suspicious. Or the user can be easily verified.

But if the account hasn’t been used for a year(s), after which the activity suddenly wakes up, there’s a big risk of getting a message “sorry, your account is blocked’.

Personal information. This includes criteria such as profile completion, photo availability, activities inside the profile and communications with other users — all those actions that are typical for an average user. 

The warming-up period may take from several days to several months — depends on the goals. 

Advertising. Facebook accounts have the ability to connect both advertising for one user (ads manager) and a full-fledged advertising network profile — BM (Business Manager Facebook). BM has a great functionality and is a priority for global purposes: you can run several advertising campaigns, connect other users with different access. However, the devil is in the details.

Facebook has a list of restrictions on the type of advertising that is prohibited. If you buy an account through which ads have already been chased, there is a chance that the account has already received warnings from FB.

Or even more — it turns out that the user is already banned and cannot advertise. Or the account has a debt — Facebook has a postpaid system — and until you pay it, you can’t run ads.

At the same time, BM has built-in limits on the ad budget per day: $ 50, $ 250 or unlimited. The last option is the best, but to plug in an unlimited budget, you need to go through FB verification. 

Geo. Depending on the tasks, the accounts are selected for geoposition. 

If an account is registered in Dubai, but straight away starts to be used in New Zealand, or worse — in several places at once, it can be banned very quickly.

Some geos are in great demand and are sold as soon as they are warmed up. For example, France, Italy, Great Britain — all the TIER 1 county list.

Using multiple accounts from one IP can lead to a sequential blocking of all accounts: Facebook rapidly detects such activities. The solution is to buy a proxy. 

The proxy must be unique and from the country in which the account was registered. Moreover, server proxies kill the account instantly, for example, cause they are used by several people at the same time. Server proxies are cheap and start from 0,02 $/

To make your account last longer, you should choose mobile or residential proxies and buy it at a proven place. The cost of an individual proxy for one IP starts from 1,3$.

Another option: buy accounts from a special service, in which the proxy and antidetect browser are already included in the price.

Extra’s from the seller. Some services can simply sell you a package of accounts at a fixed price, and then you deal with them yourself. Others offer their platform with an antidetect browser, resident proxy, 24/7 technical support and guarantees.

Accordingly, the more goodies you get with the accounts, the higher is the cost. 

If you are ok with failed campaigns and permanent search of new accs and proxies  — that’s your right. Have fun and “save” plenty.

But if you’ve got serious goals and you need ready-to-go Facebook accounts, the cost will be higher. But these expenses will be quickly repaid.

Let’s take a look at dont.farm.

For example, you decided to buy our accounts for $ 99. All the accs come with antidetect browser, proxy, 24/7 support and a 2-week guarantee for the account.

Speaking english, you get the following:

You can start working right away. All our accs are over 2 years old and our farmers have already warmed them up perfectly. You just have to customize the account for your goals.

Proxy. We provide you residential proxy so you neither have to spend money and time to find the perfect proxy, nor you get unexpected bans cause of worn-out IP;

Guarantees. It sounds like a lousy ad from TV, but yes, we will actually replace your account if you’ll have problems with it within two weeks.

Moreover, in addition to the accounts, there is an instruction to increase the limit on daily expenses in BM. Or you can buy an ad account without restrictions. 

Margin and costs. You will not believe it, but when selling accounts, the seller still wants to make money. If we are talking about a lone farmer, prices will be lower, but there is no quality guarantee.

If you buy accounts from a trusted company — for example, dont.farm — with a name, technical support and all sorts of technical bonuses, be ready to pay for it. But it’s worth it.