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17 September 2020
How to warm up a Facebook account

Whether you’re going to buy empty freshregs, brutes, create an account and fill it yourself or buy ready-to-use accs, there are technical basics that are important in any case. Otherwise, even a perfectly warmed up(ready for Business Manager and ads) account can be blocked after a few clicks.

How you are identified on the network

Any website you visit analyzes information about you: who you are, where you come from and what exactly you are interested in. Identifying users and tracking their actions is called web-tracking.

If you are not logged in, the website identifies you by using information that comes from your device and internet provider. That is, it verifies your digital fingerprint and Internet connection information.

Fingerprint. Data capture and analysis of digital fingerprints is called fingerprinting. 

Fingerprints include information about the operating system, browser, time zone, font, screen resolution, installed plugins — complete information about the device from which you access the Internet.

There are special programs that help users hide their real fingerprints — antidetect browsers. The program replaces your real fingerprint and produces new data that leaves a minimum of traces on the Internet. You will find more information about this below.

Information about Internet connection. In addition to information about the device, also it analyzes your Internet connection.

This includes information about your Internet service provider(ISP) and network data, language, location, IP — in general, information where you are and where from. 

To hide information about your real location you can use proxy servers or VPN. Although both tools perform a similar task — hiding the real users data — they have different ways of doing it.

Thus, when you use a proxy server, at first the information is sent to a special server, and only after the information is transmitted to the site that you are visiting. 

The proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the site. At the same time, the vulnerability of some proxies is that the owner of the proxy server can analyze your data, so it is important to choose proven servers. 

VPN does the same, but by fully encrypting the information about you and your connection, thus the site you are on will not be able to determine who you are and where you are from. At the same time, it is necessary to additionally encrypt not only your connection, but also your computer fingerprints. 

Why hide your data?

Facebook collects the data of its users, analyzes it and follows their activities. Especially those who want to advertise. For example, there are a number of products and services that are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook. 

If you are an ordinary Facebook user who just wants to protect his data, you should choose VPN. 

If you want to advertise and especially on a large scale, you need a proxy. Facebook needs to understand who you are, what you are and where you are from, and the proxy and antidetect browser help to make you a user Pedro from Rome, although in fact you are Peter from London.

Since both the affiliate marketing itself and the warming of the account implies that you need to work from multiple accounts, if you do not configure unique data for each account, Facebook will quickly realize that there is one person behind all the cases.

If, for example, the owner replaces the fingerprint, but does not change the data of his connection or vice versa, Facebook will understand that behind all the accs stands one person. And it can block all the accs with the same data.

By the way, we’ve seen a few articles that say that for affiliate marketing and farming you don’t need proxies and antidetect. They say, “Get just one account and work with pleasure”. We wish good luck to such guys. Follow this advice only in case you want a quick ban of your acc. If not, please get a proxy and an antidetect browser.

Antidetect Browser

The antidetect browser helps to make a unique fingerprint. You can make your own fingerprint for each tab in your browser, meaning — for every account.

Thus, in different tabs of the browser you may have accounts from Italy, Russia, India, the United States, and at the same time, each tab will pull up the data set for this particular tab.

Sounds great, but there is one problem: antidetect browsers are not cheap. Payment can be one-off, for example from $25 with the ability to buy updates, or the fee can be monthly from $69 depending on the browser you choose.

The cost can be affected by:

Browser compatibility. For example, some can only work with Mozilla Firefox, others support Google Chrome and Safari. 

Is there a binding to the device. If there is a bind, you will need to buy an antidetect browser for each device. In this case, if you basically replace the device, you may need to buy a new access. Taking into account the cost of the antidetect in browsers, it will be very expensive. If antidetect has no bindings, you can log out from the antidetect on one device and log in on another one.

Maximum number of accounts. The browser may have a limit on the number of unique fingerprints at once. For example, not more than 100, 500 or no limits at all. 

Ability to update. If the antidetect works by monthly payment, updates will be included in the subscription price. If the payment is one-time, you will have to pay extra for updates.

Design of the interface. 


We haven’t made a selection of specific antidetect browsers, because everything depends on your tasks and financial capabilities. 

To save money, you can buy accounts from companies where the antidetect browser is already included in the price. 

The cost of accounts starts from $99, and any set of accounts includes an antidetect browser.

The antidetect browser solves the issue of the device fingerprint, but the information about the Internet connection should be solved separately.


Proxies can be different depending on:

Protocols. They can be HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS.

Anonymity level. Transparent, anonymous or elite proxies.

Type of accommodation. Data Center or Residential.

Type of use. General (shared), open, closed (private) and dedicated (private). 

IP addresses. Static and rotating (with reverse connection). 

By data change. Forward and reverse 

The list can be continued, but you have understood the general point: there are many defining criteria. In a separate article, we will analyze the proxies in more detail, but for now we will focus on proxies by type of placement.

Proxy datacenter. These are proxies, which are located in separate data centers and provide complete anonymity of users. Since these proxies are not directly connected to Internet service providers and do not claim to be unique, they can provide IP addresses in huge numbers. 

The main problem with DC is that such proxies can be used by several people at once. This means that if they all use Facebook, all users can be banned. With this in mind, such proxies are cheap: the price can start from 0.02$.

Residential Proxy. These are proxies provided by your ISP. Such proxies provide not only IP and country, but also city, name of provider and in some cases even address, i.e. show all data about connection.

For affiliate marketing and farming on Facebook, such proxies are more reliable, because they provide complete data, as often do ordinary users who do not try to hide information about themselves. Moreover, such proxies are unique, so it is impossible that someone else uses them. Due to this the cost of such proxies is much higher: it starts at $1.3 per IP.

Payment card

To launch an advertisement you will need a payment card for your advertising account. Both digital wallets and some banks have an option to design a virtual card. More often than not, there is no charge for this, but here you need to see the conditions of a particular company.

Also wallets may have restrictions depending on the amount of personal data you have provided. Thus, anonymous wallets have restrictions on the amount of money and transfers. 

Registration of the electronic wallet itself takes 2 clicks, but registration of a card may take time.

It is important that you have a separate card for each account. Do not confuse the card with the account. You can have one account, and there may be several cards to it. For advertisement on Facebook, you need the card number.

Each company has its own limits on the number of cards issued to one account. It is also possible to issue real bank cards, but it will take more time. The farmers are convinced that Facebook is suspicious of virtual cards, cause they are easy to get.


More will be required:

E-mail. You can register on Facebook either by e-mail or by phone. For obvious reasons — Facebook wants to know more about its users — it is better to use both. 

For no less obvious reasons — the restriction on the availability of numbers and e-mail is problematic. Ideally, it is better to use phone numbers. If not, use e-mail. 

Phone numbers. It’s ideal to take new numbers, but you can’t check it during registration. Especially since the sims are bought, then picked up by the owners, and after six months sells them again. As a result, it is impossible to find out who the original owner was, whether he used social networks.

If you plan to farm and advertise from your mobile phone, you better register by phone number. It would be strange if the person who uses a mobile phone logs in only by e-mail.

Technique. Phone, computer and/or laptop, router. 

There are options to limit all your attachments only with technology and a payment card. To do this, you can buy ready to work accounts on Facebook, for example at

Any bought accounts is provided with:

The antidetect browser. This means that you do not need to spend $30 or more to buy it. 

Resident proxy. These are not proxies that cost a couple of cents, but full proxies of the country to which the account belongs, i.e. a complete imitation of a real user. You save 1.3$ per each IP.

Progressive accounts. Our farmers have already done everything, so you can buy accounts and start working immediately. After purchase, accounts are provided within one hour. 

Warranties. gives a guarantee of up to $900 spend and up to two weeks of account life. If the account is blocked within this amount or terms, it will be replaced.

Any geo. There are accounts from all over the world,