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11 December 2020
How to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter is one of the social networks that affiliates use to promote offers.

Unlike Facebook and Google, which strictly control users activities and ban accounts even for no good reason, Twitter has more loyal moderation. But still it will be more difficult to get traffic from the social network without a stock of warmed up accounts.

What you need to advertise on Twitter

If you are aiming to get a lot of traffic from Twitter, you will need:

Warmed up accounts. There are never too many accounts — the more, the better. At the same time, there will be little profit if all accounts were created two days ago and still have neither audience nor content. If you try to launch a gray offer from such account, you can get banned very quickly.

In order for the accounts to work as long as possible, they need to be warmed up. By analogy with the same Facebook, Twitter does not immediately begin to trust new users. The trust rate of the account is affected by:

Account age. The older the account, the more trust from the social network. At the same time, there will not be much sense from an empty account 3 years ago, in which only one tweet was posted.  Therefore, it is important that the account has content.

Content. To get more trust from Twitter the accounts must have content, and this content mustn’t violate the policy of the social network. At least until you start promoting your offers through the social network.

You can fill the feed with some kind of neutral tweets that do not affect the topic of your offers (especially if you plan to work with gray or black offers), politics, and other topics that are prohibited by the rules of the social network.

You can use thematic tags in posts: this reduces the number of characters in the post, but it will be easier for the social network to understand the topics that are covered in your account. In the long run, this can help other users find your account when you start promoting offers, but you need to be careful here — again, due to Twitter policy.

To fill the feed faster, you can retweet the posts of other users, but it’s important to keep a balance. An account that contains only retweets looks pretty much like a bot.

Account popularity. The more followers your account has and the more users retweet your posts, the more weight the account gains.

Regular use of your account. Every social network wants the users to spend as much time as possible using it.

Unlike Facebook and Vkontakte, Twitter has a fairly limited set of functionality: you can write tweets, read and follow other users and leave comments under their twits.

To gain activity, you can favorite other users’ tweets: this is another way to make the social network better understand your interests. And again — the more the social network knows about you, the more it trusts you.

If you don’t want to waste time warming up your accounts, you can buy ready-made ones. The price for accounts starts at $ 0.1. Moreover, their quality will be appropriate.

In you can buy cloud Twitter accounts with audience, activity and completely ready to launch advertising campaigns. Together with the accounts, you will get an antidetect browser, residential proxy and a guarantee for the account up to two weeks. Why the last points are especially important — we will analyze below.

Connection data. Like any social network, Twitter is important that the accounts are used by real users who want to receive information and communicate, and not spam users with ads for dietary supplements or betting services. If you plan to work with gray or even black offers, you will need to mask your connection as much as possible.

Proxy and antidetect browser will help you with this.

Proxy. With the help of a proxy, you can change the data of your Internet provider and network, language, location, IP and configure them for a specific account.  It is better to use residential proxies — they provide unique data that is not used by another user, while they completely mimic the information of a real user.

Anitect browser helps to create a unique digital fingerprint. A digital fingerprint includes information about the operating system, browser, time zone, font, screen resolution and installed plugins.

The cost of the most primitive antidetect browser starts at $ 25, and residential proxies — from $ 1.3 per piece. Buying accounts from, you get all this together with your account, which means you can avoid these costs.

It is important to ensure that each of your accounts has a unique fingerprint, and the information about the Internet connection matches the geo of the acc.

Although Twitter does not ban accounts as aggressively as Facebook, if a number of accounts have the same data and one of them gets banned, there will be a high chance that the entire chain of accounts will fall under suspicion.

How to get traffic from Twiiter

There are two options to get traffic from Twitter: either promote your account yourself and promote offers to your audience, or launch advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaign. Like other social networks, you can set up advertising campaigns on Twitter through the ad account. The social media advertising policy prohibits the promotion of sexual content, gambling, weapons, malware, pharmaceuticals, and political content.

An advertising account is very similar to Business Manager Facebook. As like BM, Twitter lets you choose between automatical adjust your bid per impression or configure it manually.  At the same time, Twitter does not have a stable optimization of advertising impressions, so when setting up an advertising campaign, it is better to choose a manual bid.

Advertisements will look like regular tweets, with the only difference that such a tweet will be labeled “promoted”. ALso you can use pictures and videos.

The maximum length of a post on Twitter is 280 characters. When using links in an ad, the number of maximum characters in a post will be reduced to 254 characters. If you plan to use a video in a post, the length of the video cannot exceed 2 minutes 20 seconds.

If you plan to work with gray or black offers, try to mask the content so that tweets last as long as possible – although Twitter is a more loyal social network, direct advertising of prohibited content will lead to a quick ban.

Self-promotion.  Some affiliates prefer not to spend money on advertising campaigns and manually create a chain of accounts that promote each other.  So, one account publishes a tweet, then it is retweeted on other accounts and added to favorites. Then the account subscribes to the accounts of other users and so on in a circle until the required audience volume is reached. After the acc has an audience the affiliate starts tweeting his offers.

From the point of view of costs — this method can really avoid advertising costs. At the same time, it will take a lot of time to properly prepare the accounts and gain the required audience size. So how much more profitable it is to make accounts yourself is an open question.

Another option: buy accounts with an audience and use them to promote the desired offers. But there may be a question about the quality of these accounts.  So if you buy accounts, then do it at a trusted place.