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18 December 2020
Why buy Google Adwords accounts

All advertising platforms control their users. In particular, Google does this. To run ads in Google and its partner network, you will need an advertising account — Google Adwords.

All new accounts are checked by the search engine: Google does not yet know who you are, what you are interested in and what exactly you plan to advertise. So it will take time to know you. How much — depends on how much data you provide about yourself and how quickly you start running ads.

Why buy accounts

Let’s say you just created a Google Ads account. You filled it with information about yourself, your target audience, geo to run ads, made creatives. Before you launch your ad, your ad is sent for moderation.

And here is the most ambiguous moment. Google is more suspicious and thoroughly checks advertising that runs from a new account.

Even if you plan to work with white offers, there is a chance that Google will not like something about your campaign and it won’t be published. If we are talking about gray and black offers, the account can be blocked.

As a result, no advertising, no account. This is one of the main reasons why affiliates buy advertising accounts of other users. On the internet you can even find exchanges that sell Google Adsense, Google ADwords and Google Play accounts.

Buying ready-made accounts, the affiliate doesn’t waste time on warming up the account — Google advertising accounts also need to be warmed up — and can start running ads straight away. How to do this correctly we will tell in a separate material.

The main reasons for buying accounts are:

  1. It’s easier to go through moderation. Old accounts already have trust from Google and so advertisements are moderated faster and without additional checks.
  2. Taxation. Accounts registered in countries where value added tax (VAT) is not paid do not pay additional taxes. Which means the affiliate can make more money. The price of such accounts is usually higher.
  3. ADwords coupons. As part of partner or bonus programs, affiliates can receive coupons from Google with which they can pay for advertising. Most often, such coupons can be used only on accounts that haven’t  used them before.
  4. Restrictions on the number of advertising campaigns. Google has restrictions on the number of advertising campaigns launched from one account. For an ordinary webmaster working with one or two advertisers, these restrictions do not really matter, because they are unlikely to exceed it. But such rules are very limiting for affiliates who work with many different offers. For this reason, they need to buy accounts.
  5. Secure. Google’s policy prohibits advertising any content that may deceive or harm the user. For example, fakes, pyrotechnics, tobacco, gambling, alcohol and adult content cannot be advertised.

At the same time, Google does not disclose all the algorithms of its work and sometimes blocks ads that do not violate the search engine’s policy in any way.  For these situations, experienced affiliates always have ad accounts in stock: if the main account is banned, you can quickly restart the ad from the additional one.

What the affiliates pay attention to when buying an account

Not any account is suitable for sale. Here is what affiliates pay attention to when buying:

The age of the account. The older is the account, the more trust it has. At the same time, if the account was created 5 years ago, and advertising was not launched from it at all or was launched a long time ago, it will have to be additionally warmed up. The need of warming up reduces the cost of the account.

Availability of old advertising campaigns. One of the main values ​​of the purchased advertising acss is the presence of old advertising campaigns. After buying an account, affiliates most often use old campaigns, edit them, and launch new creatives on them.

The reason is simple: old campaigns have already passed Google moderation, which means that when editing a previously agreed campaign, there will be a minimal check from Google or no verification.

The more successfully launched advertising campaigns an account has, the higher its trust will be. This means that such an account can be sold at a higher price.

The period of not using. The age of the account and the number of campaigns launched will not greatly increase the cost if the account has not been used for several years. Google knows about the practice of selling and hacking accounts, so if you buy an account that hasn’t been used for some time, its trust will be lower. 

This means that you either need to buy already warmed up accounts, or warm them up yourself. In the case of the latter, it will be necessary to run at least a couple of advertising campaigns with white offers.

If you want to buy already heated accounts, then their cost will be higher.

Geo account. Accounts must be selected according to the country in which you plan to run ads. At the same time, the accounts of TIER 1 countries, for example, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, are valued much higher and so higher will be the price.

Similarly, this affects the cost of social media accounts from these countries. Previously, we already wrote what affects the cost of Facebook accounts.

Expense level. The cost of an account may be higher if advertising with large budgets was launched from it. Since Google has less trust in new accounts, at first advertising can be run in small budgets: up to $100.

Moreover, it affects whether real money was used for advertising or whether it was paid only by coupons. In the second case, the trust will be lower, since Google has not actually received live money.

Contact details. For Google it is important to understand who uses its services. To do this, he looks at the gender, user location, contacts, fingerprints, etc. It is better if the account is registered by email and phone number — such accs get more trust.

Blocked (blocked account). Such accounts have no value to customers, because they will not be able to run ads from them.

After you buy your account, you’ll need to make sure your digital fingerprints match your account’s geo. For example, if you bought a USA account that hasn’t been used for some time, there is a high probability of a quick ban if the first log in in a long time occurs from Smolensk. In addition to the account, you will need to buy a proxy and an antidetect browser.
Some sellers ask for a much higher price for accounts due to the fact that together with the account they provide bonuses for the buyer. For example, dont.farm provides resident proxies and an antidetect browser. Moreover, the company gives a guarantee of up to two weeks. If during this time the account is blocked not due to the affiliates fault, it will be replaced for free.