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14 January 2021
How to warm up your Google Ads account

Similar to social media accounts, Google ad accounts need to be warmed-up. This is important, both if you create a new account, and if you buy a ready-made one.

Before launching ad campaigns, it is important to earn the trust of Google. If there is no trust, no matter how hard you try to warm up your account, it can be quickly banned even at the warm-up stage.

What you need to create Google Ads

If you plan to create accounts yourself, you will need:

Google Mail.  A Google Ads account can only be created using Google mail. It would be nice if both the email and the advertising office were not created in one day.  In this case Google will be able to collect more information about you.

With the help of Google mail, you can use the services of Google itself, and register with other services. At the same time, according to unconfirmed data, if using this mail you have already committed suspicious actions, for example, sent spam, your trust may automatically be lower. This means that it is better not to use already compromised mail to register an advertising account.

When registering an account, enter all the data manually. If  the user is copying an email address and password from a document, and then pasting them for authorization, for Google this behavior will more resemble an affiliate.

Completed profile.  Ideally, bind another email of another service and / or a phone number to your account, and put two-factor authentication on it – this is when, in addition to the password, you need to enter a code from SMS or mail to confirm the login.

This behavior is more like a real user: affiliates use dozens and hundreds of Google accounts, so one more account, one less is not important for them. But a real user appreciates his account, so this behavior will be peculiar to him.

Moreover, if you also specify a phone number, ideally, that this SIM card is always at hand and the phone is turned on. In case of repeated checks from Google and the need to enter the code, you will need to do this as soon as possible, especially if you sign in to your account from your phone.

Digital fingerprint and proxy. It is important to ensure that your computer and connection information matches the information in your account, both before creating your account and during use. So, if your account is in English and the location is in the United States, it would be strange if the connection comes from Moscow and in Russian language. To mask information, use the antidetect browser.

With the help of antidetect browser, you can make individual settings for the language, font, browser and device for each tab. In the future, it is from this tab that you will need to work in a specific advertising account.

A proxy will help mask your connection and IP.  It is better not to save on proxies and buy them from trusted sellers. In our experience, residential proxies are best suited: they can only be used by one person and correspond to the data of a real user.

Since affiliates work with several accounts at once, so as not to get confused, it is better to enter all the information for each account in a separate document or table.

Browser history.  By creating an account, Google will begin to analyze your browser history: what sites you visited, at what time, where and what exactly you were interested in.

Google Ads accounts are linked to gmail. If you plan to create an advertising account on your own, before registering, it is better to type a history in the browser on neutral topics, not related in any way to affiliates and offers. The antidetect browser will also help you with this.

Please note that when you create your account, Google asks if you want personalized performance recommendations.  If you check the box, in the future your account will be additionally checked to provide these very recommendations.  It is worth choosing this option only if you plan to work only with white offers.

Based on our experience, all measures work together.  If an affiliate has warmed up his account, but messed up with fingerprints or did not clear the browser history, this may be the reason how Google will quickly understand who he is and the account will be blocked

How to warm up your Google ads account

It doesn’t matter if you made your account or bought a new one, the warming up scheme will be approximately the same.  Some arbitration teams say that they did not see much difference between warmed up and not warmed up  accounts: everyone is banned the same way, only they had to spend time on the first ones. But we do not agree with this position.

At the same time, if you bought an account, do not change key data and settings in it immediately after purchase. Especially the password.  A drastic update of all information will grab Google’s attention and may lead to an account verification.

When warming up, stay close to the stages below:

Stage 1. Get active. No matter if you created an account or bought one, it is better not to start advertising at the same moment. Let Google look at you.

Log into your Google account and visit sites where authorization with Google is possible. If you already have a clearly worked out scheme for activities, throw it away and do everything in a new way.

Google’s algorithms are constantly improving, so even your online behavior can cause suspicions, especially if it is similar to previously blocked accounts.

A real user does not rack his brains over which sites to visit and does not do it according to some strict algorithm. He uses Google when he wants, at what time he wants, with pauses or without them. During the warm-up process, don’t be an affiliate marketer, be a user.

Stage 2. Start advertising on a white offer.  If you have created an account yourself, the first ad campaign should be for a white offer. Set a manual bid and set a budget of no more than $ 5-7 per day to start. It is better to immediately set up a geo, to which you will later send the target offer: this way in the future there will be fewer edits in an already launched campaign.

If you do not want to spend money on these offers, you can choose a white offer with a high level of competition. Then, even with the available limit, you are unlikely to spend even half of your daily budget.

You can gradually increase your budget every day. It makes sense to set large budgets only if you have a really working white offer on which you can also earn money.

Having launched an advertising offer, in parallel, do not forget to type history in the browser.  If you are working with a new account, your ad campaigns will be checked by a live moderator anyway. The only question is when.

Stage 3. Account verification. The easiest way to understand if your account is being verified is to go to the “keywords” tab in your account and hover your cursor over the keyword. If the account is verified, such information will pop up.

If you have been warming up your account for more than a week, and the account has not yet gone for verification, it can be provoked. For example, dramatically increasing the advertising budget 5 times or more, or duplicating a white advertising campaign several times and increasing the budget in each. Without options, the account will be checked.

Stage 4. Editing an advertising campaign. After passing the first check, do not relax and immediately launch targeted offers. Any abrupt changes in the advertising campaign and the account will immediately be checked by a moderator.

If an affiliate is working with gray or black offers, he makes these campaigns based on previously launched whites that have been moderated.

Changes to approved campaigns should be made gradually. For example, one day replace the keys in the campaign for the target offer. After a few days, increase your budget to the target offer amount. Then gradually change one word at a time in your ad.

Google is monitoring users more and more. Even if advertising is given exclusively for white offers, this does not guarantee that you have not violated any other requirements and the account will not be blocked.  With proper warming up, the probability that the account will fly to the ban is lower, but it is still there.

Offers with adults, casinos and betting will go to the ban very quickly, regardless of how much you pre-heat your account.
If you value your time and do not want to warm up your account for weeks, knowing that it can be banned at any time, buy ready-to-use Google ADs accounts in All accounts come with a proxy, an antidetect browser and a two-week guarantee of replacing an account if it is blocked through no fault of yours.