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29 January 2021
Why rent social media accounts

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the rental of accounts: some users say that this is a good way to earn extra money. Or even get a steady income. Others say that this is a risk for the account owner and only scammers offer to rent accounts.

In this article, we will analyze why accounts are rented, is it really possible to make money on this, and what are the risks for the account owner.

Why rent accounts

The main reason for renting other users’ accounts is to run ads on social networks.

Facebook is constantly tightening its requirements for ads. In particular, there are restrictions on the number of campaigns launched from one ad account.

Moreover, advertising accounts are oftenly blocked. At the same time, not only gray and black offers are blocked, but also white ones, if for some reason they do not meet the policy of the social network.

The blocking can be temporary or the account can be banned forever. Such interruptions in work affect income, so professional affiliates always have several accounts in stock from which they can quickly restart advertisement if one of the accounts is banned.

What is important, even if the ad account is blocked, the user’s account itself continues to work. It’s just that in the future, it will no longer be possible to launch ads specifically from this account.

However, not all accounts are suitable for ads. So, if an account was created recently and there were few activities in it, its trust rate will be automatically lower.  In order not to waste time creating and warming up an account, affiliates buy or rent them from real users.

What accounts are suitable for this, we describe below.

How much can you earn by renting an account

Basically, the cost of renting an account varies between $5 and $70 per month. The rental price depends on the quality of the account:

How long ago the account was created. Most often there is a requirement that the account must be older than one year. The older is the account, the higher is the trust from the social network.

Account filling. The account must be filled with your personal information and photos. In particular, the account must have an avatar and it is necessary that the account has a history of activities.

If the account has not been used for a long time, additional warm-up will be required, and this is a waste of time.

Contact Information. Ideally, the account will be linked by email and phone number. Facebook has more trust for such accounts.  Moreover, if the account is linked by phone number, you can change the password in a couple of clicks if the affiliate starts to perform dubious actions.

Friend list. The more friends an account has, the better. The minimum number of friends starts from 20 people and above. The quality of the friend list also plays a role: if it contains solid bots or empty accounts, the trust of the account itself may be lower.

Whether ads have been launched before. For rent, both accounts from which advertising was previously launched, and those to which an advertising account has never been linked are considered.

In the case of the former, it is important that the advertising account is not banned, otherwise such an account will be useless for the affiliate.

If an advertising account was previously linked to this account and it is active, you may be asked not to delete old advertising campaigns. Then, in the process of working with your account, affiliates will not create new advertisements, but will edit the old ones.  The reason is simple: old ads have already been moderated, so after editing they may be checked in less detail.

How the account is rented out

Access to your account after renting out can be done in two ways: by login and password to your account or using a program for remote connection.

The last method is safer. You will need to download a special program, after which the affiliate will be able to remotely connect to your computer and use your profile.

What are the advantages of this method: without your consent, the affiliate will not be able to access your profile. Moreover, you will be able to see everything that he is doing, which means that you will be able to control all the actions performed in the moment. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you will have the opportunity to learn how the professionals do it.

What is the disadvantage: you will need to be at the computer at the time when the affiliate uses your profile. To make it convenient for everyone, usually the affiliate and the account owner agree in advance at what time the profile will be used.

What are the risks

As such, there are no direct risks for the account owner: Facebook has very strict requirements for launched advertising, which means that in any case, the affiliate will not be able to launch ads from your account that directly violate the law.

Moreover, if the account is tied to a phone number — and usually these are the accounts that are needed for rent, cause they have a higher trust — you can reset your password and disable access to your account at any time if you see that the affiliate is taking dubious actions from your account.

Facebook uses postpay: first, you launch an ad, and then it is debited from your account.  To reduce risks, it is better to rent an account that does not yet have an advertising account or your card is not tied to it.

If such an account is blocked, at least the debt will not be written off from your card.  In the current situation, if the account has a debt in the advertising office, the user’s personal page is not blocked.  How this will work in the future is unknown.

At the same time, if the advertising account is blocked as a result of the work of the affiliate marketer — and it is likely to be blocked, it will be a matter of time — if in the future you decide to start in advertising on social networks, you will not be able to use this account any more.

At the same time, scammers may become interested in your page under the guise of an affiliate marketer.  So, having received the data for accessing your page, they can start sending messages to your friends with a request to send money or publish such messages in different groups. Unfortunately, there is no universal way to protect yourself from such people.

To reduce risks, we recommend:

  1. Only rent accounts to trusted companies.

For example, dont.farm rents accounts of real users and pays for it up to 50 € per month.  For rent are suitable accounts aged 1 year and older, with a completed profile, from which no ads have been launched before and which were not used to boost likes and other gray services.

  1. Provide the ability to use the account via remote access.

So you can control the actions that are performed from your account.

  1. Ask in advance to familiarize yourself with the topics of the launched advertising and examples of advertisements.

At the same time, guarantees that in the future the affiliate marketer will use ads with topics that you have approved. This is another reason to rent your account to verified companies: they already have a reputation and they will not risk it.