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20 May 2021
Where to get phone numbers for affiliate marketing

To create an account in any system or social network, the user will need an email or a phone number. Sometimes — both contacts at once.

In this case, the more contacts a user provides, the more trust will be to the account. This point is especially important for affiliates: because advertising accounts are often blocked even without any objective reasons, it is important not to draw unnecessary attention.

And if there are no difficulties with creating an email, there can be problems with getting a lot of phone numbers. There are two reasons for this:

Monetary costs. E-mail is free, but it usually takes time and money to get a phone number. The more numbers, the more money you need to spend.

The phone number may have previously been used to register an account. If the original user violated any requirements and the account was blocked, this phone number cannot be used. Moreover, you can find it out only after you buy the number.

Below you will find a few ways how to get phone numbers for affiliate marketing.

Buy SIM cards in a mobile phone shop

This is the most obvious way to get SIM cards. And in comparison with the others — the most expensive. Moreover, to buy a phone number, you will need an identity document.


There is less risk that the number has been previously used by someone else. Unlike all other methods, if you buy a phone number at a shop, the chances of getting a new previously unused number are higher.


Expensive. The cost of a single SIM card can start at $1,5. Sometimes, telecom operators have special promotions in which the phone number can be issued for free. 

You’ll have to spend time getting to the shop. Now there is an alternative: a digital SIM card — eSIM. But to use it, you will need a smartphone that supports this SIM card.

Asking for numbers from friends and relatives

Depending on the work format and the source of traffic, affiliates may need 20, 30 or 40 new phone numbers every month.

For this reason, the “ask a friend for a number” method is only suitable for those who are just starting to work in affiliate marketing. At first, 10-20 numbers will be quite enough.


Cheap or even for free. This is especially important if you are just starting to earn on affiliate marketing and you have a limited budget.


The phone number may have already been used. Your friend may have already linked your phone number to an account or social network. For example, if you need a Facebook account, and your friend already has an account, you won’t be able to use this number. The exception is if he’s willing to let you run ads from his account.

A limit of numbers. Someday you will have no more friends and relatives that are ready to give you numbers. Then you’ll need to look for other ways to find phone numbers.

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Buy SIM cards from unknown person

Although in the law of some countries it is said that the phone number must be registered to the person who uses it, compliance with this requirement is checked only if there are problems with the user. 

This means that if you use a number that is not registered to you, it is unlikely to be checked.

You can buy SIM cards from unknown person:

On the street. This can be both representatives of communication centers, which hand out SIM cards on the street, and ordinary people who sell SIM cards.

On websites where goods are sold. For example, on Avito or Yula.


Cheapness. These SIM cards can be given away for free or for a nominal fee.

A wide range of choices. On any specialized website, you can find a lot of SIM cards. These can be as previously owned numbers as well as SIM cards, which have been donated but never used.


Time consuming. You will have to drive to the seller to make the purchase. If the seller has a limited number of SIM cards, you will have to make regular trips. 

Renting a virtual number

There are special services on the internet, with the help of which you can rent a telephone number for a couple of minutes, hours or days. That’s enough time to create an account, link the number to it and get an SMS to confirm the number.


Cheap. You may purchase one virtual number for the price of $0,1 to $0,5. The price depends on the conditions of the particular service and period of access to the number. Some services provide an opportunity to issue a few virtual numbers for free. 

Large selection. You can rent as many numbers as you need: there are no limits on the number of phone numbers.

Fast. No need to travel anywhere to get a SIM card. Just fill in your details on the website, pay for your purchase and you’ll have access to the number.


Limited time of use. Access to the number will be limited in time. This will be enough time to receive a text message confirming that the number is linked to the account. 

At the same time, if the account is sent for verification — which Facebook often does when a user is suspicious or in breach of certain rules — you won’t be able to receive the second message. This means you will lose access to the account.