How to work with SP offers

13 September 2021
How to work with SP offers

Subscription payment, or SP, is an offer where webmasters get paid per subscription. Foreign users have been making purchases on the internet and paying for content for a long time.

In Russia it was not that popular, but during  the period of pandemic and isolation this market has begun to grow rapidly. As a result, more and more users are shopping online, learning, and purchasing paid subscriptions to get quality content. 

The benefits of SP

Any affiliate can work with it. SP offers are mostly white hat offers: training courses, consulting, online cinemas, weight loss programmes, online shops, etc.  

In order to work even with sophisticated sources like Google and Facebook, you can do without gray tools like cloaking.

Thus, such offers are suitable for both novice affiliates and experienced webmasters who want to learn a new direction.

The main thing is to make sure that the ad accounts themselves and the linked payment card meet the requirements of the traffic source. If you have problems with that, try the solution from You can buy Google, Twitter, and Facebook accounts from us one by one or set up a subscription, depending on your tasks and the number of accounts you need. 

Different sources of traffic can be used. As a rule, advertisers have no restrictions on traffic sources, as long as users subscribe.

In practice, SP gives good conversions in all traffic sources: Google, Facebook, Yandex, TikTok, myTarget. You can work with all of them, or choose the one you know well and feel comfortable with. 

The only thing — don’t forget that even if the offer is white, your ad, creative, and landing page must meet the requirements of a particular traffic source. Otherwise, you won’t be able to run the ad or the account may even be blocked.

We have dealt with this in separate articles:

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High conversions. To attract users, companies may offer a discount for a trial period.

For example, the first month’s Premium subscription from Ozon costs RUB 99. All subsequent months will cost 199 roubles a month. Another example is Yandex Plus. You can use the service for free for the first 90 days, after that the cost will be 199 rubles per month.

Due to such offers and low cost, users are quicker to sign up for a trial subscription. If the service suits him, he extends the subscription, which is a plus for the webmaster. See the paragraph below for more details.

Regular income. In addition to the one-time payment for a referred user, the webmaster can receive up to 50% of each user’s payment if the subscription is renewed.

Thus, even if you stop working with this offer, you will receive passive income for users who will renew their subscription. 

There are no geo restrictions. When it comes to subscriptions, most of the time it doesn’t matter what country the user is from. The main thing is that the user has to make the targeted action — to subscribe.

Due to this, you can promote the offer to a greater number of users, including in geo with low cost per click. 

The main thing is to prepare your creatives and your marketing campaign in several languages, depending on the country you want to work with.

There is no hold or very little hold. As a rule, payment is made within 24 hours after the user has subscribed. 

How to choose an offer

There are many SP-offers and almost all of them are white. You can choose a product that you have already worked with or try a completely new direction. 

The terms will all depend on the quality of the product and its popularity. The fee per conversion can be either 50 or 500 roubles. 

For example, there is a breakdown on the promotion of an SP-offer with the Ketoplan weight loss programme at the link. Already in the test phase, the ROI was 26.53%.

When choosing an offer, take into account seasonal demand for a particular product: weight loss may be most relevant before the summer or after the holidays. Educational programmes may not be in high demand during the holiday season, but closer to the cold season, they may show good results.

CPA or CPL —  which offer to choose?

Cost-per-lead or CPL is a model where the webmaster gets paid per lead. Sometimes it is called PPL — Pay-per-lead.

In Cost-per-action or CPA the affiliate gets paid for the targeted user action. The action in this case is chosen by the advertiser.

Beginners may think that the CPL-model is the most profitable way to earn money at the start. Let’s look at the differences and similarities between the two.

How it works

A lead is any contact information that will help the advertiser to contact the user and sell him the product.

Accordingly, with CPL, the main task of the webmaster is to find the target user and make him provide the advertiser with his contacts.

In the case of CPA, the advertiser chooses the specific action the user should perform: sign up for a newsletter, call a special number, follow a link or register on a website — it depends on the goals of the specific customer.

Additional requirements 

Since when working with CPL there can be a lot of fraud and untargeted traffic, advertisers can impose additional requirements on leads. 

For example, an advertiser can pay for the lead if the user has provided a complete list of his or her contacts: name, phone number, email and linked a bank card. 

The advertiser may also refuse to pay for untargeted or cold traffic.

For example, if the user cannot be reached, or if the users say that they have been promised more in the ad than they actually have. Or if the person doesn’t understand the product or why the company calls him.

CPL is more commonly used in abroad, gambling and online casino offers. In the case of the latter two verticals, the advertiser may require that the user has to make a deposit. The advertiser may also look at the percentage of user retention. Without this he will consider the lead to be untargeted.

For CPA, all requirements will depend on the specific targeting action. 

For example, if an advertiser needs to attract potential employees, he may pay only for contacts that belonged to users of the relevant profession.

Countries to work with

It all depends on the type of product or service the advertiser is offering. 

For example, if it is a game or worldwide delivery of goods, the ability to pay users will play a key role. If it’s a dating, some services may filter users according to their nationality.

The cheapest traffic with low cost per lead is from Tier-3 countries: Angola, Cambodia, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Namibia, etc.

However, the advertiser may require the traffic to come only from certain countries, e.g. Tier-1. Such traffic is more expensive, which means you have to spend a lot more to attract it. 

Traffic sources

Sometimes advertisers may demand traffic from a specific source. 

For example, specifically from social networks or search engines. If there are such demands, you should calculate your budget well and see how much you are willing to invest. 

Some webmasters note that the best traffic for CPL comes from Facebook. That said, this is not the easiest task for novice affiliates: Facebook is an expensive source of traffic that will require a large investment to operate. 

When working with Google Ads and Facebook, affiliates often meet bans of accounts. There are many reasons for that: the account is not warmed up, wrong payment card, creatives or ad contents violate the requirements of the traffic source, etc.

In order to reduce the risk of being banned, you need to spend a lot of money on proxy and anti-detect browser for each account or you can buy accounts from If you buy our accounts by subscription, you’ll get an unlimited number of replacements of banned accounts.

Creative requirements

It is important not to exaggerate too much the benefits of the advertised products, because you will be paid for targeted leads. This applies to both CPA and CPL offers.

If there are too many benefits of the product in the ad that are not proven on the company page itself, the user might not make the targeted action. As a result, you won’t get paid.

There have been cases where affiliates have promised a cash bonus in ads that didn’t actually happen. As a result, there has been negative feedback from users and the advertiser didn’t pay for the webmasters work. 

For CPL, you will need a landing page in any case, because the user has to leave his contacts. In CPA, it will depend on the specific offer.


As a rule, CPL is paid higher than CPA. This is due to the fact that the affiliate has to select target traffic and the advertiser may have additional requirements for leads. Moreover, due to the fact that the advertiser can take into account such indicators as deposit and retention,  sometimes webmasters have to wait for payments for several days or weeks.

If you are just starting to work with affiliate marketing, in our experience at first it is better to choose CPA-offers. This will allow you to gain experience at a lower cost and understand which offers and traffic sources you feel more comfortable working with.

What’s more profitable for advertisers

CPA is the most popular payment model. As a rule, CPA is much more profitable for advertisers: with less cost, they can get a lead that will go through the entire sales funnel.

For example, with CPL-model, a confirmed lead who goes through full registration may cost $30. With CPA he can pay $5 for a targeted action. Even if only 2 out of 6 leads are targeted, in the long run the advertiser will benefit because he will get 1 lead for $15.

How to choose an offer

Some advertisers ask as part of a test to attract traffic via CPA, after which he may offer CPL payment.

In reality, you can make good money on any payment model. The key thing is to pay attention to the payment terms of a particular offer and advertiser.

If the offer’s rate is much higher than the market, there are two options: either the offer is difficult to promote, or it has already been squeezed out, and you have to spend a lot of time and money on searching for the proper audience.

Where to get phone numbers for affiliate marketing

To create an account in any system or social network, the user will need an email or a phone number. Sometimes — both contacts at once.

In this case, the more contacts a user provides, the more trust will be to the account. This point is especially important for affiliates: because advertising accounts are often blocked even without any objective reasons, it is important not to draw unnecessary attention.

How to improve your Facebook ad campaign

After the launch of advertising on Facebook, the situation may develop in the following scenarios:

1.Advertising will give the desired result,

2.There will be no result

3.The result will / will not be, but the ad account will be blocked.

In this article, we will not take into account situations when an advertising account is blocked.

Even if your ad has successfully launched and fulfills its goals, there will come a time when users will get tired of the creative and the affiliate will need to either invent a new one or change something in the current one.

And at this point, there are two key mistakes that affiliates usually make.

Where to buy Facebook accounts

In a separate article, we have already written that Facebook accounts are different. These can be autoregs, brutes, real user accounts, or cloud accounts. A separate criterion is how much the account is warmed up: how many activities the account has, how long ago it was last used, etc.

On the Internet, you can find many ads offering to buy ready-made Facebook accounts. The question is how to understand that the seller will not deceive you.

Where to get accounts